Web Production


Community… Global Adventuress

When Patricia Stone wanted to turn her passion for travel into an online community, she looked for a web producer who shared that passion – and who possessed the technical skills and marketing savvy to make it work. Desktop Adventure turned her personal interests into “a travel site for female explorers,” sporting blogs from multiple voices, built on a custom WordPress template. Visit the site at www.globaladventuress.com.

Commerce –  Don Briggs Films

After more than 25 years as a river guide in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Don Briggs had become not just an expert boatman and storyteller, but a filmmaker. His catalog of half-hour films and a two-hour feature, River Runners of the Grand Canyon, had earned awards and steady sales – but only in a specialized and limited market. Desktop Adventure built an e-commerce site showcasing the films with online video previews and direct click-to-purchase options. See the site at donbriggsfilms.com – and look for the videos on Amazon, too.

Identity – Richardbangs.com

It’s difficult to get a fix on Richard Bangs, the peripatetic writer whose name is synonymous with adventure travel. Is he a river explorer, with 35 first descents around the world to his credit? A writer, with almost 20 by-lined books and a shelf-full of awards? An internet pioneer, who spearhead the “live expedition” that spawned a generation of electronic travelers? A television producer and host, as seen on PBS, the Travel Channel and even Disney? All of the above, as you can see at his online “identity site,” richardbangs.com.


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