Media Projects



Travel is the act of seeing anew, and photography reinforces that discovery – though a specific sense, vision. Recording things as they are, and as they will cease to be, runs through a body of work shot on Kodachrome and in digital across five continents. Secret documents in Macedonia, musicians in Mississippi, mosques in Mali or rafting the Grand Canyon, a portfolio of stock and story.

Film & Video

We are presently at work on a documentary film about a river activist, “Last River Lost.” Most principal photography and interviews have taken place, historic and licensed footage still being sought. Please inquire on the website. Other short-form videos for Web projects can be viewed on YouTube.

Web Integration

After pioneering online story-telling via “live expeditions” in Antarctica, the Galapagos, and a dozen more for Microsoft, the invention of the blog was inevitable. We did our part at Quokka’s Great Trango Tower expedition in 1999, with an instantly-refreshed “Base Camp Live” feed of text and image as the summit push began. We’re still at it on a project contract basis.