E-Mail Campaigns

The single most valuable component of online marketing is e-mail. The ability to reach someone literally where they live, or where they work, through direct one-to-one communication is huge. This is how relationships are formed. Alerts about activities, invitations to events, ticket sales and product shopping, even memberships and donations become part of a conversation, not a pitch.

Social Networking

What made Napster such a breakthrough was not because it was about free music, it was about sharing. The focus on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are evidence of the imperative for personal contract.  You want to share with people who have similar interests, beliefs, common ground, whether you’re checking your smart phone or digging deep into the Internet for work. The cubicle disappears when you can share it with an online community. And the individual is enlarged by the connections he or she shares with others. Status? Updated.

Commercial Redesign

Some companies have been in business for years, and still welcome people who walk in the door. But signage and word-of-mouth can only take you so far when the competition is reaching into your customers’ homes and phones. Sooner or later you’ll want a web presence as inviting as the corner store, filled with the useful information and ideas that come from a conversation at the counter.