Ongoing Projects

“Riding the Dragon’s Back”

We’re proud to announce the e-publication of the award-winning adventure classic, Riding the Dragon’s  Back: The Race to Raft the Upper Yangtze.

2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Sobek Expedition’s first successful descent of the Yangtze River in Yunnan, China. The journey of over 200 miles followed a troublesome, tragic year of unsuccessful attempts to run extended portion’s of China’s largest river by several other expeditions, including one by an American team led by Ken Warren, and several Chinese teams motivated by nationalistic pride. The book will be available as a Kindle Select in October, 2013, and for all e-book platforms later this year.

Riding the Dragon’s Back tells the story of all of those expeditions, plus the historical and mythical place of the Yangtze in China’s epic history. Written by expedition leader Richard Bangs, an author and now television host, and journalist and photographer Christian Kallen, Riding the Dragon’s Back earned critical acclaim upon its hardcover release in 1988, culminating in the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, 1989.

“Last River Lost”

LRL_trailerA video project to revisit the 1979 action by Mark Dubois and other members of Friends of the River to prevent the filling of New Melones Dam. This was a turning point in the evolution of civil disobedience applied to environmental causes, an action that has resonance today. See preview trailer and website.