Content Development


Non-Profit Community

hjf-webpage.pgThe Healdsburg Jazz Festival is a 501.c.3 organization devoted promoting  jazz through education and events. For the past several years we have served as webmasters and content providers for e-mail marketing campaigns. As well as promoting the organization’s annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival each year since 1999, the website and email drive membership and fundraising campaigns. Click to visit Website

Online Story-Telling

Articles can only take you so far, and for the past 20 years the Internet has increasingly provided the means to deliver not just words but music, images, and dreams – the stuff of narrative. We unify diverse media into a stream, from the first Best Web Site award — predating the Webbies — for Terraquest; Microsoft’s Mungo Park, plus similar projects with Richard Bangs and others for MSNBC, MSN, Quokka and Yahoo! Click to visit Ecuador in 1996.

Travel Journalism

Click to downloadAdventure Travel, a new magazine in Seattle, was up against two other similar magazines launched that year, Outside and Mariah. A brief flurry of competition and cannibalism ensued, Rodale stepped in, a move to New York… It was all a lot of fun and very influential in launching a number of careers. And we never got over the premise of a call to adventure. Other credits include Virtuoso Life, Backpacker, Via, Eco-Traveler, and a number of newspapers. Download free “River of Ruins’ PDF (8.9 MB)