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Last River Lost

The Sacrifice of the Stanislaus


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Paradigm Productions of Emeryville, Calif., an independent non-profit that make and distributes films about social and cultural issues, will be exectuve producers. Among their documentaries are "Orozco: Man of Fire", "Race is the Place" and "The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It."

Miguel Tejada-Flores (producer) is a writer/producer whose first film,  Revenge of the Nerds, became both a commercial success and a cult classic.  He has created, written and produced dozens of films for television, cable and theatrical release, in genres ranging from sci-fi (Welcome to Paradox) to drama (The Unsaid) to animation (The Lion King). He mentors aspiring Latino filmmakers through the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP).

Christian Kallen (writer/director) is a veteran river runner, author, photographer, and multimedia producer. He has directed travel videos for commercial outfitters, both local and national online reportage, and community service organizations. He is co-author of the several books including Rivergods and Riding the Dragon’s Back, about river running and other travels. He has produced internet travel projects for Microsoft's "Mungo Park," MSNBC, MSN, Quokka Sports and the Yahoo! Media Group.

Didrik Johnck (director of photography) is a media producer with extensive credits in adventure-related projects, such as photographing achievements as the first ascent of Mt. Everest by a blind climber and directing video interviews of all major Presidential candidates in 2008 for Yahoo! News. He recently summited Mount Olympus, looking for the gods of ancient Greece for Small World Productions.

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