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Last River Lost

The Sacrifice of the Stanislaus

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This film tells many stories — but at heart it's the story of MARK DUBOIS, a young man who put his life on the line for his convictions. He faced down the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, and the rising waters of New Melones Reservoir, to save something he loved: the free-flowing currents of the STANISLAUS RIVER.

LAST RIVER LOST tells Mark Dubois’s story — from childhood days spent camping on the banks of the Stanislaus and later exploring the caves of its limestone canyons, to his years as a river guide. Not just any river guide, but even then an inspiration, taking inner city kids, the disabled and the blind on rafting trips that forever changed their lives.

Every year some 75,000 people enjoyed what some called the best whitewater river in the West. But its days seemed numbered when the Army Corps of Engineers team began building the second largest earthfill dam in the country.

Save the river activists, 1979
Friends of the River, Santa Barbara chapter, 1978.

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