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From rising stars to living legends, the best of real jazz in the wine country. Building the website and festival outreach at healdsburgjazzfestival.org

Hoe your own
AOL/Huffington's project now local at healdsburg.patch.com. Read more here.

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Adventure travel guru and television host, colleague and friend, Richard Bangs

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Building a community for women who travel and make a difference. www.globaladventuress.com


Does your house need painting? Let Tom Saffold bring his experience and wisdom for your house housepaintinghealdsburg.com

Ripley's World
A posthumous site for a good friend and life-long adventurer, Ripley's World

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Recycling, Replacing and Renewing

Somehow you found a secret portal into the past... An errant web link left live, evoking a time and place now past. This is the pre-2014 Desktop Adventure site, with a number of pages otherwise no longer accessible. However, that does not guarantee that ll links will work. We've tried to update it, but the Internet is more like the Ether-net, forever in the process of evaporating.



Blues at Ground Zero
Waiting for the end in Mayadom (Chichen Itza, Yucatan).


  • On-call copywriting, media production, social networking and website rescue.

  • Website rescue for decayed, dormant or dysfunctional internet presence

  • E-mail marketing to drive membership and ticket sales for Healdsburg Jazz Festival

  • Guest editor and correspondent for Sonoma, Napa and Marin county patch.com websites

Digital Video with playlists of home-town coverage, green issues, and some old favorites from the world of adventure -- view them all
Digital Content creates multimedia worlds within the Web — featured projects with Yahoo!, MSNBC, Slate, Microsoft, and Healdsburg Patch
  Online Dossier Notes and links on a career in electronic evolution  



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