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Digital Photography

Digital photography has come a long way since we first used a prototype Kodak DC-50 in 1995. Since then I've shot digital pix on assignments in Ecuador, Mali, Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Tahiti and Bora Bora, Baja California, and in the United States. Most of these assignments were done with the "point-and-shoot" consumer level digital cameras, like the Kodak DC-265 and the Nikon CoolPix 950.

More recently, digital SLR cameras have become affordable, to allow the use of interchangeable lenses, depth-of-field control, and the other features of "true" photography. You can see work from recent projects shot with the Canon D30 and the new Canon 20D from many of the links below.

Sonoma County's leading daily newspaper is the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. where we've produced daily online content as well as videos for their Green Living section and many photo galleries, such as this one on SolFest 08.

In the heyday of YMG, we were brought in to create an international travel project, Richard Bangs Adventures. We delivered dispatches, photo galleries, streaming video and podcasts on 8 destinations, from the North Face of the Eiger to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda to the mysteries of Macedonia (pops up new window).

Picking up where MSNBC left off, MSN.com ran a series of travel features with robust media, Flash navigation and daily updates from the field. I was correspondent and digital photographer on two of these, for Stars of Texas and for California's Best Beaches.

The online version of the news channel MSNBC ran a series of digital journeys or "road trips" sponsored by such companies as HP and Ford. My role was senior Web producer for several of these projects, and on Great Escape Texas I served as digital photographer.

For Slate.com's travel series, I worked as field producer and digital photographer on six trips to destinations including Paris, Scandinavia, Costa Rica, and Mississippi. Review the full list of destinations.

Slide shows, or photo galleries, are a common interactive way of presenting images on the Web. I've done a few, many for Slate (see above) and several other clients, as well as for personal interest. Survey some slide shows here.

Shooting in a panoramic mode inspires an expanded perspective. Full panoramas — known variously as QTVR, Full Circle, or 360º Surround Video — are the most impressive expressions of this technique. Explore the wrap-around world.

The next step in digital photography is digital video. I've done several of these in Paris, Costa Rica and elsewhere. View the streaming videos here.

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