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Digital Content

Digital content is the combination of material in the form of writing, photography, multimedia and interactive tools. The role of a content producer is to bring these disparate elements together into a single presentation or “show” that delivers a message, chronicles a expedition, tells a story. Content what makes the Web a fun place to surf, and an effective place to work.

The links below reflect projects that I have been involved in as writer, photographer, videographer, field producer or a combination of several such roles. Some of these are links to pages on this web site, some are pop-up windows, some jump to other sites; behavior is indicated (in parentheses).


Somewhere along the line we worked with the Yahoo! Media Group down in Santa Monica. creating a content-rich project called Richard Bangs Adventures at the distinctive URL adventures.yahoo.com. Unfortunately we ran headlong into the Web 2.0 wave, the adulation of the under-30 demographic, and incompetent management. Well, we had fun on our travels, and the resulting blog The Adventure Beat is still online, under the radar.

We worked with MSNBC, which gives you one of cable's most successful news networks, to develop a series of travel projects. We provided digital photography, text editing, media production and Web building. These projects entertain with dispatches, slide shows, audio and video features and more Great Escapes.

Other projects for MSNBC included a travel feature on Panama. You'll find a two-part article, 360° panoramas, and even a short video, if you click here.

Exclusive Relive the First Ascent of Everest in this narrated slideshow, including rare images from the Royal Geographical Society, as described in the Adventure Beat. Originally create in the Kodak PhotoCD format, upgraded for today's home viewer, whatever that means.
About Terraquest
TerraQuest captured the imagination of its audience — school students, curious Web surfers, scientists, media geeks, and travelers themselves — with its "Virtual Expeditions" to Antarctica and Galapagos. Here you can recreate the journey I undertook On Assignment: Ecuador.

About Mungo Park

Microsoft's experiment in virtual expeditions was the online magazine Mungo Park, where I was interactive editor. One of our first trips was an odyssey through Mali, in search of the real Mungo Park. Revisit the adventure in The River Road to Timbuktu (opens pop-up presentation).

About the blues

The blues is America's music, with its roots deep in the alluvial soil of the South and its branches spread world-wide. The Blues Primer surveys the development of the music, with links to key books and CDs, as well as the PBS documentary series "The Blues" and a recent MSNBC article, "Gravestones on the Blues Highway."

One of the journeys with Slate was to Denmark, Sweden and Finland, in search of the secrets of Scandinavian designs. Another was to Paris, to see how the Segway scooter went over in Old Europe. Unbeknownst to all, I kept a secret journal of each trip, with exclusive photos and audacious comments. Don't read about Scandinavia, and whatever you do don't read about Paris.

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