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Slate's Well-Traveled

In September 2002, Microsoft's online magazine Slate began a monthly series of travel assignments called Well-Traveled. Along with daily dispatches from award-winning writers from today's popular press (Outside, New York Times, and others), my work as digital photographer and media field producer can be viewed on the trips listed below.

In March 2003, Slate.com was awarded a National Magazine Award from ASME for General Excellence Online. The citation read in part, “The publication’s intelligence shows through not only in its commentary but also in its effective use of the online medium. New interactive features like ‘well-traveled’ complement Slate’s long-standing and lively ‘fray’ discussions. Slate never disappoints and always challenges.” We're proud to have done our part to bring Slate the recognition it deserves.

Take to the streets of Paris

With New Yorker writer Tad Friend and Amanda Hesser we took to the streets of Paris riding the latest in American transportation technology, the Segway. Add haute cuisine, vin rouge, morning croissants and video, and you've got a winner.

Join Jim Hall and crew aboard a new Volvo XC90 as we explore the clean lines of design and architecture in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. From Ikea to Nokia, with aquavit, flatbread and herring to sustain us.

New York Times science writer Natalie Angier visits Costa Rica, the cornerstone of ecotourism in the Americas. Enjoy the wildlife and guerrilla science from jungle.

Travel writer Tim Cahill has road fever again, in pursuit of America's music on the Blues Highway. Enjoy the pilgrimage as we trip from New Orleans to Chicago in search of the roots of the blues.

Ride the Outlaw Trail

Follow the historic route of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch through the backcountry of West, from Wyoming to Texas. Join writer Alexandra Fuller as we document this seminal journey for Slate.com.

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