Cristiana del Gadaquacata is the cigar roller at the Sevilla. Each hotel has a cigar roller, but Cristiana, she's the one — the best cigar roller in the world. She's about 50 years old; I made her look younger in the painting. We have a running deal. I lay money on her; she rolls me a boxful of the lanceros, the real long ones. On my way home, in the Bahamas, someone steals my box of Romeo & Juliets, but they don't take the lanceros because there's no writing on the box. That's a whole other story. I realized then that I'd started feeling safe in Cuba. I'd not really smoked cigars before my trip. Now I'm addicted to 'em. I'm down to three a day. As soon as I light one up I'm back in Havana. I'm smoking a Partagás 898 right now.  




  New York-based artist Roger Mason paints in oils on location. He never paints from photographs. To date, his art has taken him to Argentina, Belgium, France, French Polynesia, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, and numerous small towns across the United States. His work hangs in the private collections of Keith Carradine, Darryl Hannah, and Robert Altman, among others. When he's not painting street scenes, Mason spends his time as a music producer and bass player.