The Lafayette has a nice neon sign. I go for that stuff. It's raining for a week so I paint the bar in the rain. A '57 Plymouth pulls up. I pay the guy $3 to leave the car there. The most you ever slap on anyone is a ten. Otherwise, you're oiling them. That's what Ronaldo told me. One night I'm painting and I hear this roar. It's everyone in town watching a soap opera. When the painting's almost finished, I set it down to dry. I see this mangy dog go piss on it. I hear they eat dogs in Cuba. The dog pisses on it and I have to redo the lower left-hand corner. I make it even better. It's one of my favorite paintings. The Lafayette is on a really scary street. But I'm from New York. It's probably safer to be on that street at two in the morning than it is to be on West 47th at noon.