Principal of Desktop Adventure is Christian Kallen, a fourth generation California native who has been part of “new wave” movements since the 1960s: surf music, home movies, Yaqui ways, progressive country music, river rafting, travel writing, desktop publishing, photojournalism, digital photography, virtual expeditions, usability research, product management, online news, hyper-local blogging, and more. Contact here.

Project Links

Great Escapes: The Missouri River (2003) – A more or less functional mini-site, deep within the architecture of MSN’s archives. Sponsored by the new Ford Escape Hybrid, first on the market in SUV category. Good mileage and a lot of good miles, down the 48’s longest river.

Great Escapes: Papua New Guinea (2004) – Once again into the wild with a corporate sponsor. HP Photosmart supplied digital point-and-shoots and a printer small enough to take to a remote “Digital Village” with the tribal family’s own photographs and stories.

On Assignment: Ecuador (1996) – Scouting for the Terraquest Virtual Galapagos expedition, and taking a side trip down the Andes, Otavalo to Cuenca, “blogging” daily. Of course we didn’t call it blogging, we were just inventing it as we went along. Launches new window.

River Road to Timbuktu (1997) – On the digital road for Microsoft, retracing Scottish explorer Mungo Park on the 200th anniversary of his journey to the Niger River, in present-day Mali. The link launches a new window; click on a Dispatch to enter.

 Other Projects: